Welcome to the 3rd BYMAT Conference – Bringing Young Mathematicians Together. Given the COVID-19 crisis, this year the conference will be held online, allowing participation from anywhere in the world, regardless of the situation in which the pandemic is. This edition will be held from December 1 to December 3, 2020.

This conference aims to:

  • Strengthen the links between PhD students in all disciplines where mathematics is relevant, both nationally and internationally.
  • Encourage researchers of different institutions, disciplines and countries to start building a network of contacts early into their careers.
  • Provide a warm and open space for researchers in the early stages of their careers to present their work to peers of similar experience.
  • Promote cross-disciplinary training during the PhD stage, favouring interaction with students from different areas, and boosting scientific outreach and the transfer of knowledge between academia and industry.
  • Favour the use of English as a working language to make BYMAT an inclusive conference.

Participation and attendance to the Conference will be free of charge.

The conference is especially directed at PhD students in all areas of mathematics and related disciplines, and indeed any young people who use mathematics in their daily lives/jobs. Everyone, from undergraduates to university professors or industry professionals, is more than welcome to attend!

We expect contributed talks and posters to come mainly from PhD students, young industry professionals, master’s students and recent postdocs. The official language of the conference will be English.

We will have short talks (15-20 minutes) distributed in thematic parallel sessions, a poster session, 5 plenary talks delivered by young professors and industry professionals, and 3 workshops. As a novelty this year, in view of the growing interest in the role of mathematics in managing the coronavirus crisis, we have decided to include a round table event among mathematical professionals who have studied various aspects of the epidemic as one of the central activities of the conference.

In addition, this year we have the participation of the journal Mathematics, which will present an award for the three best posters!

First Prize: 280 Euros | Second Prize: 130 Euros | Third Prize: 60 Euros.

The Poster Committee wants to congratulate all participants about the overall quality of their posters and how they adapted to make the presentation to the online format. Due to these, it was not easy for the Poster Committee to decide the winners.
After having reviewed the posters, both before and after presentation, you can find here the decision of the Poster Committee.

The 1st BYMAT Conference and the 2nd BYMAT Conference were held in Madrid in May 2018 and May 2019, respectively. Approximately 200 participants from all over the world were welcomed, and there was wide local and national media coverage! Here are some of the articles (in Spanish): ABCEl EspañolEl Mundo, Madri+d, Las Provincias, live in La Ventana (from minute 7), EuropaPress and RTVE.


Download the Code of conduct HERE.